App for viewing, and managing pictures on Facebook, Picasa, Flickr & SkyDrive.
Alternative to Photos App for Windows 8.1 and iPhotos.

About The App

PhotoWeaver is an immersive app that brings together all the pictures you have across a variety of sources such as Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, SkyDrive and your local drive. It allows you to view, upload & download pictures and offers advanced editing tools. We bring you the best in class features to edit, add special effects, and stickers. PhotoWeaver makes sharing pictures a pleasure while viewing slide shows with comments from friends and family. Upload and downloads are at lightning fast speeds while users remain excited with new and innovative features every week.

PhotoWeaver is the best photos app in Windows Store. Spend less time managing and more time enjoying pictures and comments on Surface Tablet, Win 8 Laptop, or Desktop. You can place orders to print your digital photos powered by CanvasPop and Walgreens.

PhotoWeaver is a great replacement for the Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Photos App.
PhotoWeaver is superior to iPhotos. There is no cap of 1000 photos or restriction of iCloud. Stream unlimited photos to your HDTV without any requirement of external hardware.

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  • Social Media
    View photos from services like Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, SkyDrive and from your local hard drive...
  • Manage Photos
    Upload photos from one social network to another seamlessly...

What’s New


Store photos with Flickr
We are proud to announce the launch of Flickr Integration. Our customers can now avail the free 1TB of storage for their photo albums.



Facebook Fan
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your app enabled me to download pictures that I thought I'd lost from the picasa account I had linked to Google. I tried to download them directly, but could not. Your app gave me back the only pictures I had of the birth of my child. Thank you!