App for viewing, and managing pictures on Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and SkyDrive.
Alternative to Photos App for Windows 8.1 and iPhotos.

About PhotoWeaverApp

Our Mission
  • Enable weaving photos across cloud and storage locations
  • Innovate on areas such as streaming on modern digital devices
  • Make managing pictures a delight on all consumer devices

Our company

PhotoWeaver offers its customers experiences that are simple yet sophisticated in solving huge problems in the photos and social space. The company is constantly delivering compelling features to its customers. It replaces offerings that are not working with those that carry significant demand and customer engagement.

Emerging markets are a huge drive of growth for the company, and a source for over 40% of the users. PhotoWeaver is a Tablet first app. Currently, PhotoWeaver works on all Windows8 powered devices including Surface, Laptop and Desktop.

The company is run by leaders with a combined experience of over 7 decades across a variety of consumer technologies including Mobile, Web, Search, Advertising and eCommerce. The owners have experience working with global giants including Microsoft, Amazon, EMC, US Airways and Intel.

PhotoWeaver follows the agile culture in order to define and launch products that meet or exceed its customer expectations. Its users have highly rated and loved the experience on the Windows 8 Platform. PhotoWeaver is partnering with some great industry names including Flurry and Aviary, while leveraging high performance API’s from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and SkyDrive. PhotoWeaver is always looking for partners who are hungry for innovation, disruption and growth. PhotoWeaver is also a Microsoft BizSpark partner.