App for viewing, and managing pictures on Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and SkyDrive.
Alternative to Photos App for Windows 8.1 and iPhotos.

Press Releases

09.19.2013. BizSpark Featured Startup on Windows 8 - PhotoWeaver

PhotoWeaver does one thing that you don't expect a smartphone app to do -- it takes the photos in all of your drives and feeds (SkyDrive, local drive, Flickr, Facebook) and gives users the ability to "weave their lifetime worth of pictures on their mobile, on the go."

08.14.2013. Aviary Blog: Windows 8 Partner Spotlight: PhotoWeaver

PhotoWeaver is a powerful tool for managing and sharing photos across a variety of sources, including Facebook, Picasa, Skydrive and your local hard drive.

07.01.2013. Windows 8 App to Access Photos from Facebook, Picasa and SkyDrive Together

PhotoWeaver is a photo app for Windows 8 which brings together all the pictures which you have across a variety of sources like: Picasa, Facebook, SkyDrive and in your local drive.

04.26.2013. PhotoWeaver: View, Upload & Edit Photos On Your Windows 8 Local Drive, Facebook & Picasa
(now rebranded to PhotoWeaver)

PhotoWeaver is a free to use desktop application that is compatible with computers running the Windows 8 operating system. The application is a solution to a problem faced by many of us – the inconvenience of separately accessing photographs stored on our local drive and online accounts.